Akita Newborn Puppies

We are so proud of our newborn Akita puppies for sale.  We get the honor of raising these little bundles of joy on our farm.  Right now, all they’re concerned about is nursing, snuggling and sleeping.  Mom is very tentative to their every need and watches them closely.  She licks them constantly, reassuring them she’s near.  Newborn puppies can’t see or hear for the first 10-14 days and completely rely on mom to take care of them. They already have a fur coat but they cannot regulate their own body temperature. In other words, they are dependent on their mother to keep them warm and safe.   Exposing them to humans (little and big), is part of their socialization and gives them a great start.   For us, this is the fun part.  Who doesn’t love cuddling puppies?

Familiar Sounds

You won’t actually be training this adorable ball of fluff for many weeks, but there are ways you can set puppies up for success.   Exposing them to background sounds that are typical of their environment.  Television playing, music, vacuum cleaner, phone ringing, door slamming and people talking are some of the few daily sounds puppies need to be exposed to.  This will help the Akita puppies to get used to normal, everyday sounds.  Above all, when puppies go to their new homes, it helps the adjustment process to go more smoothly.

Akita Puppies Socialization

Akita puppies are social creatures and desire interaction with others.  At this point in a puppies life, they need lots of different exposure to develop properly.  Cuddling, snuggling and talking to puppies is a great way to lessen fear of humans.  Introducing puppies safely to other animals, is another way to show them the world.  The first lesson they’ll learn in this area is with their siblings and mom.  Akita puppies will begin to snuggle together to keep warm and feel safe.  As they get a little older, they’ll play and lick each other.  Therefore, socialization will help them to grow into well behaved dogs and thrive in their new homes.

Leader of the Pack

Akita puppies for sale tend to be strong leaders among the pack.  Whether the “pack”, is their littermates or your family, they will try to dominate.  Akitas are natural born leaders and they need to be set straight right off who’s the pack leader.  At this age puppies are learning to interact with each other and beginning to play. In addition, they’re also learning their doggie social skills and exploring their ranking status within their litter. Their curiosity is developing, as are their biting skills. Nipping behaviors begin as they practice biting behavior with their mother and litter mates.

Looking for an Akita for Sale?

You’ve come to the right place!  Above all, we specialize in breeding quality, healthy Akita puppies for sale.  We usually have a couple litters per year and post it on our Facebook page.  However, they tend to go to new homes very quickly.  If you’d like to get on our waitlist for an Akita puppy of your very own, simply submit our Puppy Application.  We’ll respond and go over details to make sure it’s a good fit for you and the pup.  If you’d like to know exactly what’s all involved in adopting one of our Akita puppies for sale, read on.  For instance, we have a tried and true Process we use and it covers all the questions you may have.  If not, we’ll gladly help you any way we can. After that, it’s the fun part of getting ready for your new family addition!