Akita Puppies for Sale/ KJ & Rico

 Amazing Akita Puppies for Sale

akita puppies for saleHave you been looking for purebred Akita puppies for sale and just haven’t found the right one?

Our puppies are family raised to ensure they’re socialized with people and other animals in a normal household.  Being raised on the farm with us means “with us”, not in a small cage somewhere never seeing humans.  We aim to give our puppies the very best start in life so that you benefit from it in the years to come.

KJ & Rico~Our Akita Couple

KJ is such a great mama, always attentive to her puppy’s needs.  Even when we handle her puppies, she wants to know exactly what we’re doing and that they’re all ok.  She has a temperament that is awesome and is very relaxed with people.  She’s loving and is extremely loyal to her humans.  Rico is our daddy to several of our ladies.  He’s actually a “ladies man” in the dog world! LOL.  He loves to wrestle with my husband and play with his chew toys.  We’re proud to have a hand in producing purebred akita puppies for sale.

Attentive to our American Akita Puppies

Puppies are cuddled and played with daily so that they get proper stimulation and used to being handled.  There’s nothing more fun that spending time cuddling puppies!

Our American Akita puppies for sale are given our undivided attention to be sure all growth & development  is normal.  Daily weight checks, playtime, and feeding time are special times we use to personally inspect the puppies.  We check for bumps, lumps, teeth, and cuts that may get missed otherwise.  Lots of playing goes on with littermates and those tiny teeth are sharp!

Akita puppies for sale

Socialization Is Important

Socialization is one of the key points we focus on in our breeding program. Since our puppies are with us all the time, we expose them to many normal household sights and sounds.  Pots & pans clanking, doors slamming, phones ringing and dogs barking.  We do this in order to prepare them for any easier adjustment when they go to their new homes.  If a puppy is left alone without experiencing normal day to day noise, they become fearful and withdrawn when they are thrown into the midst of it.  We want to produce well-rounded puppies that want to explore and play without being anxious and fearful.  After all, unsocialized puppies are what the shelters are full of-dogs with behavior problems.  We don’t want any of our precious puppies ending up in any shelter so we work hard to ensure they’re well socialized.


We Personality Test our Akita Puppiesakita puppies for sale

Because we want our puppies to go to the very best homes, we personality test and  match puppies to families.  This is one way we guarantee you get the perfect canine companion!  What this involves is unfamiliar people talking, handling and playing with the puppies.  We then “score” each puppy according to their reactions.   Those scores are put into categories and rated to determine if puppy is one or more of the characters we test for.  After all, when your puppy is a full grown Akita dog, we want it to be a match made in heaven!

Are Akitas Hard to Train?

This breed is very strong willed and, well, stubborn.  They are highly intelligent dogs and require positive teaching vs punishment.  Akitas demand respect but also interaction, discipline and much affection.  Since this dog is kind of a “one dog show”, he really likes being the only dog in the family.  If he’s socialized as a puppy with other dogs, he may tend to get along better, but for the most part likes solitude.  It’s definitely a “no-no” to introduce two dogs of the same gender, as they most likely won’t get along.  Usually a male and female will do fine when paired together and not compete for the humans attention.  Here’s a great video on Akita training.

Akita Genetic Lifetime Guarantee Akita Puppies for Sale With a LIFETIME GENETIC GUARANTEE?

What guarantee do we provide with our Akita puppies for sale?

  • Our style of breeding ensures that you get a genetically healthy puppy that hasn’t been inbred. We use Embark Genetic Testing to verify that your puppy doesn’t have some of the diseases that can be detrimental to the breed.
  • We’re so confident about our puppy’s health, we offer a MONEY BACK LIFETIME GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE against the development of life-threatening genetic diseases.

What Else?

We’re not going to hand you a new puppy and send you on your merry way.  We’ve got lots of imporant information as well as supplies to get you off to a great start.

Maybe this is your first puppy or you just aren’t familiar with the needs of this breed….we got you covered.  From Puppy Grooming, Puppy SocializationPuppy Crate Training to Puppy Potty Training, the manual will answer most questions.

There’s More?

Yes!  We want you to be completely ready for your new fur baby as well as all we do to make this transition as easy as possible for you both.akita puppies for sale

  • Microchipping
  • Age-appropriate vaccinations
  • Pedigrees for both parents included
  • Health Certificate from our vet that your fur baby is in tip-top shape
  • Birth Certificate
  • AKC Registration application
  • Puppy Pak of goodies which may include:  toys, treats, sample of dog food, water bottle, poo bags, puppy pads, stuffed animal with mama’s scent to ease anxiety and puppy bed.


Look No Further

Akita puppyNow that you have all the information on our Akita puppies for sale, what’s next?  First things first, let’s have you fill out the Akita Puppies for Sale Puppy Application.  After that, I’ll send you an email all about the process of getting on our wait list or information about a current litter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Breed: Akita
Father: Rico
Mother: KJ
DOB: 11/24/2022
Males: 6
Females: 3
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