Puppy Socialization

Beginning Puppy Socialization

Puppy Socialization

Puppy Socialization

Puppy socialization begins the day your puppy was born.  Interacting with mom and siblings is when it all starts.  Did you know that how well your dog gets along with other dogs and people tells a story?  It tells a story of how socialized your puppy is. Granted, behavior always comes from a combination of genetics and environment, so much will depend on your breeders job.    However, generally speaking, a combination of good genetics and proper puppy socialization is critical when it comes to raising a puppy. Growing into a well-adjusted adult dog and friendly toward strangers and other animals should be our goal.

What is Puppy Socialization?

There’s all sorts of definitions, but it’s a learning process where your puppy is exposed to all of the things he’s likely to encounter as an adult dog. It’s all done in a safe, positive, and non-threatening way.  Exposed to other animals, the clapping of hands, thunder and elevators.  Walking up and down stairs, vacuums, kids on bicycles, women in floppy hats, and so forth. Doing so helps puppy to develop the coping skills necessary to grow into a mentally sound and confident adult dog.

The puppy socialization process must be positive. Moreover, this point can’t be stressed enough. Negative experiences can permanently traumatize a puppy. Going to the park and allowing him to be bombarded by other animals or strange sights can scare a pup to death.   Likewise, weird noises and lots of screaming, noisy kids grabbing at him, is not a positive experience either.  Similarly, taking him to a puppy class and allowing him to be bullied by more dominant puppies is not a positive experience.  Granted, some puppies may not be affected, but the majority of them will suffer in the long run. Taking the time to properly socialize your puppy will go a long way.  They will develop a positive human-canine bond.

Where to Socialize Your Puppy?

Once your puppy comes to live with you, it’s your job to keep up the good work your breeder has started. It’s a small window of opportunity, so make the time count.

  • Let him walk and play on different surfaces.   Such as gravel, grass, vinyl and tile floors, concrete and other substrates.
  • Expose him to different sounds including the television, radio, doorbell, vacuum, phone ringing and thunderstorms.
  • Invite friends, grandchildren and neighborhood kids over for puppy kisses and supervised play.
  • Go for short walks in your neighborhood.
  • Wear different accessories around him – like hats and sunglasses.

We have a handy check list for you to read through and implement.  You may already be doing lots of these ideas but the goal is to socialize the puppy to as many as possible.

Puppy Socialization is a Process

Proper puppy socialization isn’t something that will happen overnight.  However, it’s a process that will develop your puppy into a well rounded adult dog.  Most people don’t want an aggressive or super shy dog that runs from everyone.  We desire a dog that has basic social skills and can behave themselves around friends and strangers.  This is the beginning steps to achieve that goal.  If we can be of any more help, please Contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

If you live in a small town with a lot of children and dogs, you may notice that some people’s dogs are much more friendly than others. They may even greet you as they come down the street or walk their dogs past your house. But most of the time they stay out of sight. They don’t seem interested in playing with other dogs or children. They don’t make friends with the neighborhood puppies akita.

They may be shy or shy away from people. And they might be timid about strangers. But there’s no need to be sad or worried. All dogs, whether they like it or not, are social animals. They need to interact with people and other dogs to learn how to be nice, and even friendly. Even though they don’t like to play with others, they are still learning.take Puppy Socialization Classes from our puppy doctors


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