Our Mini Goldendoodles for Sale!Mini Goldendoodles for sale

The name mini GOLDENdoodle isn’t always quite accurate.  Our parent dogs being a Standard Goldendoodle mom whose gorgeous coat is a light golden color and the daddy being a light red Toy Poodle, have a deciding factor in the colors of the offspring.  There can be various color in the gene pool and they tend to show up in the least expected litters.

We’ve had litters of all golden, some golden and a litter of NO golden mini goldendoodles.  This is a good example of why we look at the pedigree and coat traits for generations in our Mini Goldendoodles for sale.

Coat Colors

As stated above, looking at the parents pedigrees from grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents, we have many colors in the gene pool.  We have to be very careful because if there’s alot of black coloring, we take a chance that some litters may be mostly all black since it’s a dominant color trait.  We usually have a good splattering of many color variations and a puppy for everyone.

Coat Variations

When we think of Goldendoodles, we always think of the curly coated cutie we see at the park or walking down the street. Most likely, that’s an F1b Goldendoodle with more Poodle genes than Golden Retriever.  There’s other coat traits that are just as beautiful too.  Besides curly, there’s wavy, straight and flat.

mini goldendoodles for saleDo They Make Good Family Pets?

I don’t think there’s a Mini Goldendoodle out there that doesn’t  make a good family pet! The Mini Goldendoodle size allows them to live in large, luxury homes as well as small apartment settings.

Due to the ease of carrying them everywhere, people are now taking their pampered pooches with them on flights.  Since they fit under the seat in carriers, they’re now able to see the world with us.


Doodles Everywhere!

Since they seem to be seen everywhere these days, you may ask yourself, “Why are Mini Goldendoodles so expensive”?  The Mini Goldendoodle price is a reflection of the time and effort the breeder has put into his/her puppies.  There’s a whole lot more that goes into a litter of puppies than cuddles and kisses.  Much time and money is invested in each and every puppy before the new owner comes for their new furry family addition.


As Mini Goldendoodle breeders,  we always take into consideration the temperament and personality of the parents before we allow a mating.  We want easy-going, calm, trainable puppies and that means we need to start with the right parents.  Now we all know that not every person is perfect  which means that not every dog is the perfect dog to breed.  Agression is the #1 characteristic we look for and avoid at all costs.  After all, who wants an agressive pet in their home?

We look for the dogs ability to get along with other dogs.  This allows them to blend easily in society where dog parks and leisurely strolls in the neighborhood are commonplace.  The temperament of our Mini Goldendoodles for sale is a BIG deal to us!

What Generation Are the Miniature Goldendoodles?mini goldendoodles for sale

Our Mini Goldendoodles are what we call F1b Miniature Goldendoodles.  We’ve carefully selected our sweet Teddy Bear Toy Poodle as the Sire and our F1 Standard Goldendoodle (Sahara) as our Dam.

There’s alot that goes into the Generational ancestry and that’s very important to know in order to produce amazing puppies.

How Big Will They Get?

Our Mini Goldendoodles size will vary from between 35-45#.  Some may take after their daddy and stay on the smaller size while some follow mama’s footsteps and grow bigger.  No matter the size, you can rest assure these are the sweetest and most adorable Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale.

mini goldendoodles


The Mini Goldendoodle is a hybrid and therefore, hypoallergenic.  This means they’re very low shedding and great for people or families that have allergy problems with dander.  This gives those sufferers that chance to own and love a puppy as well.  No more furry balls floating behind the couch or whisps of hair stuck to the furniture or clothes.  Yay!

This attribute of low shedding is such a burden lifted from those who just don’t like hair all over the place or who don’t want to clean it up.  We all know it sticks to everything-clothes, furniture, bedding, carpet, rugs…and the list goes on. You can jump over to our Puppy Grooming  section to grab a couple pointers.

Important Questions….

When Googling for “Mini Goldendoodle breeders near me”, “Mini doodles for sale near me” or “Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale near me under $500”, it’s going to get you a million different websites to visit.  Not only that, who knows if they’re scammers or real ethical breeders.  Please do your research and ask TONS of questions when deciding to purchase a Mini Goldendoodles for sale.

Why Buy From Us?mini goldendoodles for sale

We work very hard to supply premium puppies so that families can enjoy a canine companion.  Our Mini Goldendoodles for Sale are exceptional stock and will bring years of joy and precious memories to you and your loved ones.  We put our heart and soul into what we do and it shows!

We try very hard and want you to receive the puppy of your dreams!  If you’d like to submit a Mini Goldendoodles for Sale Puppy Application, we’ll get the ball rolling.  You can always Contact Us with any questions you may still have.