Our Mini Goldendoodles for Sale Are HERE!Mini Goldendoodles for sale

We were over-the-moon excited about Teddy Bear and  Lady Red’s first litter and when they finally arrived, they were as cute as we thought they’d be.  Absolutely stunning with their dark red coats and healthy appetites.  Teddy Bear is always the “star of the show” around the house with his adorable personality.  Lady Red has a sophisticated attitude about her the way she prances around the farm.  The result of these two incredible dogs has definitely produced a beautiful litter of Mini Goldendoodles for sale.

Do They Make Good Family Pets?

miniature goldendoodleI don’t think there’s a Mini Goldendoodle out there that doesn’t  make a good family pet! Their size allows them to live in large, luxury homes as well as small apartment settings.  Due to the ease of carrying them everywhere, people are now taking their Mini Goldendoodles with them on flights.  Since they fit under the seat in carriers, they’re now able to see the world with us.

How We Socialize Our Mini Goldendoodles for Sale

Socialization really begins as soon as our little sweeties are born.  As Mini Goldendoodle breeders, it is our responsibility to be sure they are exposed to many people and things.  Picking them up, holding them, cuddling and touchingmini goldendoodle them are some of the first socialization they receive.  Of course, mom is the main “person” in their life and she teaches them all they need to know.  When our Mini Goldendoodles for sale are a little older, we take them out with us for car rides, adventures on the farm and to town to show them off.  They’re exposed to many new people, places and sounds.  We also allow them to experience other animals on the farm too.  Large dogs, small dogs, cats, kittens and tons of children.

Mini Goldendoodles Temperament

miniature goldendoodleFor the most part, we always take into consideration the temperament and personality of the parents before we allow a mating.  We want easy-going, calm, trainable puppies and that means we need to start with the right parents.  Now we all know that not every person is perfect  which means that not every dog is the perfect dog to breed.  Agression is the #1 characteristic we look for and avoid at all costs.  After all, who wants an agressive pet in their home?  We look for the dogs ability to get along with other dogs.  This allows them to blend easily in society where dog parks and leisurely strolls in the neighborhood are commonplace.  The temperament of our Mini Goldendoodles for sale is a BIG deal to us!

Hypoallergenic?mini goldendoodles

The Mini Goldendoodle is a hybrid and therefore, hypoallergenic.  This means they’re very low shedding and great for people or families that have allergy problems with dander.  This gives those sufferers that chance to own and love a puppy as well.  No more furry balls floating behind the couch or whisps of hair stuck to the furniture or clothes.  Yay!  This attribute of low shedding is such a burden lifted from those who just don’t like hair all over the place or who don’t want to clean it up.  We all know it sticks to everything-clothes, furniture, bedding, carpet, rugs…and the list goes on.

Why Our Mini Goldendoodles for Sale?miniature goldendoodles for sale

We work very hard to supply premium puppies so that families can enjoy a canine companion.  Our Mini Goldendoodles for Sale are exceptional stock and will bring years of joy and precious memories to you and your loved ones.  We put our heart and soul into what we do and it shows!   We try very hard and want to be the best Mini Goldendoodle Breeders in Missouri.   If you’d like to submit a Mini Goldendoodles for Sale Puppy Application, we’ll get the ball rolling.  You can always Contact Us with any questions you may still have.

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