Shiba Inu Puppies

Our Shiba Inu

These are the two who started our love for the breed, Shiba Inu.  Energetic, full of love and eager to please….Fuji.  He’sshiba inu definitley a pleaser.  He loves to run all over the farm looking for new things to chase…butterflies, birds or leaves blowing in the wind.  Yoshi is a sweet, calm little lady who’d rather get a good petting from one of us than chasing some silly birds.  LOL!  She’s a great mama and thoroughly enjoys each time she has babies to tend to.

Shiba Inu Size

Shiba inuA full grown male will get to 14-16.5 inches tall and 23 pounds.  A female will be around 13.5-16 inches tall and up to 17 pounds.  Obviously, we know each dog is different just as people are.  Shiba Inu sizes are just an average.  Overall, if you feed your pup a good, high quality feed and monitor their servings, you should have a very healthy puppy or dog.

Shiba Inu Life Span

If you’re looking for a dog that will be a companion for a lengthy time, this breed may be for you.  This fiesty, fearless dog will be by your side for 12-15 years.  The Shiba Inu lifespan reflects their loyalty to their owner.  They are defenders, lovers and the most loyal breed you’ll ever own.


shiba inuUrajiro is a Japanese word for the white markings that are uniquely found on a Shiba Inu. You can find Urajiro on the  cheeks and sides of the mouth. It’s also on the underneath of the neck, jaw, chest, and stomach. There could be other white markings on the Shiba Inu that are not Urajiro, including white socks on the feet.  Any additional white markings are optional, but Urajiro is the required white markings for the Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu ColorsShiba Inu coat colors

This breed sports only 4 true Shiba Inu colors.  Red, Sesame Shiba Inu, Black and Tan Shiba Inu, and Cream.  Unlike many other breeds of dogs, these four colors are about it for this canine.  Unfortunately, there are no other color variations than those we’ve listed and we warn that if you do come across other color variations in color, it can be the result of crossbreeding in the dog’s genetic past. A color not recognized can also be a sign of a poor breeder or puppy mill, which you should always avoid.

Why Adopt a Shiba Inu From Us?

First of all, our puppies are raised in a loving atmosphere where we tend to their every need.  In fact, our puppies even come pre-spoiled for you!  We begin on day 3 with Early Neuroligical Stimulation or ENS.  We focus on holding the puppy in several different positions for only 15 seconds at a time and gradually increasing each day.  This helps the puppy to feel safe when handled and at the same time begins the puppy socialization process.Shiba Inu

As the puppy grows, we provide them with mental and physical stimulation that allows them to learn and process in different environments.  We provide them with fun and educational toys and expose them to various puppy-friendly substrates such as carpet, vinyl tile, gravel, grass and dirt.  Focusing on preparing them for the end result of adoption, we play noises that would be in a regular, busy household such as phones ringing, doors slamming, laughing, pots & pans clanging, music and people talking.  Our puppies will be well socialized and ready for any household setting as their new home.

They’re All Sooo Cute!  How Do I Pick?

Although we do allow clients to pick our puppies according to markings, colors or gender, we prefer our tried and true method of Puppy Personality Testing.  When pups are 6 weeks old, we put them to the test.  We actually set upPersonality testing types a room with several toys and various materials and call in a friend.  We want someone who the puppies don’t know so that we can see how they’ll REALLY react.  They know us and usually just want to play and want to be held by us.  We’ve found it doesn’t give us accurate results like someone else performing the test does.

Different tests tell us if they have a BOLD, CONFIDENT personality or will they be SHY, ALOOF and FRIENDLY?  We want your puppy to be your match made in heaven and if you would rather have the perfect puppy for your lifestyle and family vs color, this is the way you should go.  We’ll support your decision no matter what but we also want you to be happy once the puppy goes home with you.

What Comes With My Puppy?

Don’t worry, we don’t hand you a puppy and never hear from us again!  We LOVE our dogs and we LOVE our puppies too!  Every puppy that leaves us takes a bit of our heart!

When you pick up your new puppy, we supply you with a Puppy Pak of goodies to get you started as well as a couple of really important things!

  • Puppy potty pads for the way home.  Sometimes puppies get an upset tummy traveling, especially if it’s a long trip.  They may also be a bit scared of the new environment and not know where to potty.  Thus the potty pads for any accidents.
  • Puppy Poo bags.  You may have to stop to let puppy relieve themselves so we provide you with cute little bags to clean up.
  • Water dish and water bottle. Most people are so excited to get their new puppy we forget the simple things like WATER.  Especially in summertime, puppies need frequent drinks.  We got you covered.
  • Food.  We use Nutra Source Small & Medium Breed puppy food and provide you with several sample packs.
  • Stuffed Animal.  Rubbing a stuffed animal on mom and siblings in order to put their scent on it provides a stress reducer for puppy at bedtime.  Remember, he’s used to a large family and now he’s suddenly all alone.  His family’s scent helps alleviate anxiety.
  • Toys.  Here’s the fun part.  We include an interactive toy for your puppy according to his age and chew strength.
  • Puppy Bed.  We provide your puppy his/her familiar bed until they’re comfortable with their new home and can graduate into one you’ve purchased.
  • NuVet wafer samples.  In many of the weekly emails we send you as your puppy grows, we tell you how important his immune system and joint growth is right now.  We have given your puppy an amazing beginning with NuVet wafers each day and want you to continue.
  • Treats.  We always include some yummy treats for puppy for the way home.
  • All your paperwork in a special folder for you.  AKC registration application, microchip information, breed specific paperwork information, Vaccination card for puppy, Birth Certificate for pup, Health Certificate from our vet, Parents pedigrees and your Contract.

How To Adopt One of Our Shiba InuShiba Inu Puppies

First thing first!  Let’s get some information from you and then we can look at available puppies.  Once you fill out our Shiba Inu Puppy Application, we’ll get right back to you to find out what your preferences are; male or female.  You can also Contact Us anytime about our puppies or our Process.