Akita Puppies for Sale in Missouri

Akita Puppies for sale in Missouri

Do we have Akita puppies for sale in Missouri?  Most of the time we DO!  We enjoy watching our Akitas grow, play and learn every single day.  Even in the “Show-Me-State” of Missouri, Akitasakita puppies in missouri thrive and love being outdoors.Although the weather can change as fast as a blink of an eye, Akitas seem to roll with it.

We all know they were bred in the freezing temperatures of Japan and learned to hunt large animals such as bear and elk at one time.  Our Missouri winters get mighty cold at times but they only hunt for toys buried in the snow instead of large animals.  When we have a litter of Akita puppies ready for homes, people come nationwide to claim their very own!

When Do We Have Akita Puppies?

akita puppies for sale in MissouriWe have litters of Akita puppies a couple times a year.  If you truly want an amazing puppy produced by one of our sires/dams, you really need to hop on our Akita Puppies for Sale in Missouri Puppy Application to ensure you get one.

We usually have several of them adopted before they’re even born!  Even though you may live elsewhere, we typically have akita puppies for sale in Missouri or know someone who does.




Beautiful Akita Puppies

Have you ever looked into a puppies eyes and just KNOW they were meant for you?  Akitas seem to look into your veryPersonality testing types soul with those intense eyes of theirs and melt your heart.  We work hard to provide families with the healthiest puppy that meets the desires and needs of each individual/family.

Our American Akita pups vary in colors and sizes and we want to be sure you get the puppy of your dreams.  We can do this by personality testing each puppy around 6 weeks of age to determine which puppy would be the best fit for you!


American Akitas

So you may be wondering what’s the difference between American Akitas vs Japanese Akitas?  Well, the traditional Japanese Akita is smaller in size and the coat or fur tends to be red tones or more fox-like coloring.  American Akitas are larger in size and weight and have a wide range of colors.

We’ve chosen the American Akita in our breeding program since more and more people are wanting a guard dog or family protector.  Akitas are excellent protectors and can be trained to be wonderful guard dogs.

What if We’re Not Close to You?

So are you thinking to yourself, “Is there any Akita breeders near me?”  It’s ok, we’ve got you covered.  We can ship ourakita puppies missouri puppies to most any state except Hawaii via air or by car.  Puppies are very resiliant and take flying easily.  If you aren’t comfortable with that mode of transportation, we also use puppy transport companies that will pamper your pooch all the way to your home via driving.

It doesn’t matter where you are, we’ll get that little cutie to you as soon as they’re 8 weeks old.  No matter where you’re located, we probably have some akita puppies for sale in Missouri that will be a perfect match for you!

Are Akita good family dogs?

Akitas can be the most amazing family dog you ever owned.  They key is proper socializing and training.  Just like any other dog, you need to ensure a great start with socialization.  We start this for you when puppy is only 3 weeks old.  Our puppies are introduced to other puppies, dogs, cats, young people, teens and adults.

We want well rounded puppies that aren’t afraid of their own shadow.  Socializiation is key to avoiding an aggressive or withdrawn adult dog.  They love people and enjoy family time.

Join Our Akita Wait List

Are you ready to cuddle a little fur-ball of your own?  Look no further because we, most likely, have the puppy of your dreams.  All you have to do is simply fill out our Akita Puppy Application and we’ll get back to you with any available puppies.

When we ask questions about your home, lifestyle, activeness and other pets in the home…it’s all for a good reason.  We want to be absolutely sure that you and this puppy are the perfect match for each other.  Ensuring an active family gets an active puppy while an older couple may want a less active puppy is our goal.  Puppy Matchmaking is our job!

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