Bear & Reba are the proud parents of a new litter of bouncing baby Akita puppies for sale.   Unbelievably, we had ALL females in this litter!  Reba is an amazing mama, tending to her puppies every need.  As of now, they spend most of their time sleeping, growing and nursing.  Around Day 10, their eyes will open.  However, they won’t be able to see clearly at first. Their eyes will gradually open wider and will continue to develop over the next several weeks, reaching full vision around eight weeks of age. Akita puppies’ ears begin to open soon after their eyes do, usually around days 14-18.  Their hearing will continue to develop until the puppies are around eight weeks old.  Akita puppies grow daily, learning new smells other than mom, socializing with their siblings and human interaction.

Say CHEESE!   Capturing Akita Puppies Cuteness

Having Akita puppies for sale is always a whirlwind of puppy chores and social media posting.  Regular weekly photo shoots helps us to update families on the progress of all puppies.  Puppies change rapidly in appearance, gaining weight, spots fading or darkening, eye color and fur growth.  Capturing those stages is our goal each week so you can feel connected with your Akita puppy.  Whether the puppies are sold or Akita puppies are still for sale, everyone loves puppy photos!  Taking cute, adorable pictures isn’t the hard part but getting them to hold still is always a challenge.

The Perfect Akita Puppy for Sale

Searching out the best matches of families for our puppies, is our utmost concern.  Having puppies for sale, doesn’t mean we just sell them to anyone wanting a puppy.  Prospective owners fill out Questionnaires and when approved, we also have you fill out a Puppy Preference Questionnaire to be sure you get the puppy of your dreams.   Very active, high demand puppies may not be the best match for an elderly couple.   A snuggly, couch potato puppy may not be the best fit for an active family with small children.  Personality testing is a process that enables us to provide you with the puppy that best fits your lifestyle.   If you’re interested in one of our fur-babies, simply fill out our Puppy Application and begin the Process.

Hello New families!

Seeing our puppies go on to live with their forever families on Adoption Day is bittersweet to us.  It’s a sad goodbye, but satisfaction knowing we’ve provided a family with a loving new companion makes it all worth it!  We like to spend some time with the new family on Adoption Day to ensure all information is gone over in detail.  Feeding, sleeping, toys, crate sizes and grooming are all topics that need addressed as well as any questions you may have for us.  We’re always available for any questions or comments anytime after whenever you need us as well.   We look forward to watching them grow and play while we give them the very best start in life!  Subscribe to our Facebook page to keep updated on our Akita puppies  for sale and their weekly growth!