Mini Bernedoodle/ Teddy Bear & Millie


We Breed the Mini Bernedoodle in Missouri

Mini Bernedoodle breeders in Missouri

At Awesome Paws of Missouri, we love snuggle-time with our Mini Bernedoodle.   These little ones are just that, mini!  Really, they’re just so stinking adorable!  Weighing in at a whopping 25-49 pounds, these adorable babies can literally go everywhere with you.  Be prepared!  Cuteness is contagious and you may not get much shopping done due to all the “oooohhhs & ahhhhhs” from other shoppers.

How Do You Get a Mini Bernedoodle?

Mini BernedoodleWhat is a Mini Bernedoodle made from?  Easy peasy. Traditionally you begin with a female Bernese Mountain Dog and a Toy Poodle.  When that pair has offspring, you get the Mini Bernedoodle!  We’ve actually gone a step further and take our Miniature Bernedoodle female and introduce her to our male Toy Poodle for a bouncing litter of Mini Bernedoodle puppies.

Does the Mini Bernedoodle Shed?Mini Bernedoodle

With the Bernese Mountain dog genes floating around in this canine crossbreed, we can safely say that they’ll probably shed a little.  Of course, the more Poodle, the less shedding.  For instance, the less hypoallergenic you need the puppy to be, it means you need to look for a F1b Miniature Bernedoodle vs a first generation with 50% Bernese Mountain Dog.  With the F1b, you’ll be getting 75% Poodle and only 25% of the Bernese Mountain Dog.  What a blessing for those who can’t tolerate the dog dander.


One of Our Favorite Couples-Teddy Bear & Millie

Teddy Bear is a bundle of energy in our home.  Literally, he loves to wrestle with the other dogs, taunting them to chase him and play!  He’s also a lover, climbing up on your lap to snuggle.  He loves kisses and treats.  We paired him with Millie since she’s also a lady who knows what she wants.  She demands our attention and won’t leave us alone until we acknowledge her with pets, kisses or treats.  She’s content to be with you everywhere you go, including the bathroom, if you let her.  She even patiently waits outside the bathroom door while you shower.  Devotion if I’ve ever seen it!  We’ve decided that this couple will produce some amazing puppies.  If they even have a couple of the parents characteristics, we’ll be overjoyed.

Are They a Good Family Pet?

Mini BernedoodleThe Mini Bernedoodle has both the personality characteristics of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle parent.  Each one of these breeds are very social and highly intelligent.  They’re desire to be your companion or with the whole family is a driving force which makes them such a loyal canine.  Always learning and craving to please, the Mini Bernedoodle is a perfect fit for a family pet.  They possess so much love to give and aren’t afraid to share it with everyone.  With their smaller size, they make it easier to take them anywhere we go, including vacations.

How Big Is a Mini Bernedoodle?mini bernedoodle

Wondering how big your new furry friend will get?  No problem, we’ve got it all figured out for you.  Your Mini Bernedoodle full grown weight will be between 25-49 pounds.  The Mini Bernedoodle growth chart tells us that he/she is quick to grow at first and then tends to slow down after a year old.  The Mini Bernedoodle weight growth tapers off at about 5-6 months.

Heightmini bernedoodle

The Mini Bernedoodle height is 12-17 inches.  This is the perfect size to travel with and also to get into mischief.  They can fit into tight spots, tear up closets in the blink of an eye and sit sweetly on your lap batting those baby blues up at you!

 TemperamentSilly Bernedoodle

These sweet little ones tend to be full of energy and need to be directed consistently in the right direction.  Left alone too much without guidance can lead to destruction.  Early training is essential since they’re very stubborn.  Persistance is necessary otherwise the puppy will regress quickly.   The full-grown Mini Bernedoodle has a very friendly, happy-go-lucky type of personality and he wants to be friends with everyone he meets.  So whatever training you invest in and routines you establish will help your puppy in developing their playful personality and wonderful temperament.

MIniature BernedoodleColors of the Mini Bernedoodle

With the Bernese Mountain Dog parent, the most prevelant colors of this pooch will be the brown Mini Bernedoodle, black and white Mini Bernedoodle or the tri-color Mini Bernedoodle.  The Poodle parent might have a little to do with any additional colors that get thrown in the mix.  Most Bernese Mountain Dogs are the typical tri color and thus produce primarily the tri color Mini Bernedoodle.  The additional genes of the Poodle, give it the adorable “fluffiness” or curls that everyone has fallen in love with.


Mini Bernedoodle Cuteness Overload

Mini BernedoodleHave you ever seen so much cuteness all packed into one tiny little body?  One of the main selling points of this puppy is his/her size.  Even a full grown Mini Bernedoodle isn’t very big at all.  An adult Micro Bernedoodle can range anywhere from 18 to 22 inches tall and weigh somewhere between 25 and 45 pounds. Who doesn’t love MINI things?  Mini packages, mini houses, mini vehicles and of course, now the Micro-Mini Bernedoodle!  All that tail wagging, face licking and cuddle-bug cuteness from a dog you can hold in your arms when it’s full grown.  So I warn you ahead of time if you decide to take your little fur baby out with you to the store.  Children will want to pet her, women will want to give her kisses and men will envy they don’t have one of their own.

Looking To Add a Mini Bernedoodle to Your Family?mini bernedoodle

Has this sweet looking face got your heart and you’re ready to add a new fur baby to the family?  Great, let’s get this party started!  Simply fill out the Mini Bernedoodle Puppy Application and we’ll start the deposit process.  You check out our current Mini Bernedoodle litter or wait for the next.

Our Process

mini bernedoodle puppiesWhen you submit the application, I’ll send you tons of information about our puppies and our process.  We send you weekly pictures and videos so that you can stay as involved as possiblbe in your puppys growth and development.  Understanding that you may be across the US, we make the time to give you updates so that you are still a part of the process and still involved.  We make this as simple and easy for you so that you can focus on preparing for your new family addition.  After we get all the paperwork completed, the excitement begins!  Contact Us  for more information.