Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies for Sale

Start With the BestBernese Mountain dogs

Our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies come from the best parents!  We start with health tested and genetic tested (DNA) mom and dad Berners.  We check back to their lineage to be sure there is no relation to avoid any inbreeding.  Doing some of these simple but time consuming steps helps avoid costly mistakes later.  We want the healthiest Bernese Mountain Dog puppies to be able to offer you.

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders

Bernese Mountain Dog PuppiesAt Awesome Paws of Missouri, we have chosen to be Bernese Mountain Dog breeders because of their amazing temperament.  These gentle giants are so loving and sweet yet fun and playful.  The perfect family dog!  After owning a pair of them for over a year, we fell in love with the breed and decided to have a litter.   Even though their large size, goofy character and the notorious shedding, we love them.

Personality Testing

Our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale are personality tested at six weeks of age.  At this time, they undergo a series of different tests to determine the best puppy for each family.  We don’t want a high energy, excited puppy to go to a person wanting a calm, gentle puppy to curl up with on the couch.  We want you and your puppy to be a match made in heaven.  Once personality testing is done, each family will be notified in order to make their decision based on the personality test results.


Our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale are socialized from the day they’re born till the day they leave our farm.  We continually expose them to normal, everyday sounds that they may hear once they go to their forever homes.   Slamming doors, phones ringing, dogs barking, car horns and lots of people talking.  These socialization exposures help to ease the adjustment when puppy goes to their new home and is bombarded with new people, scents and sounds.

Our Part in Socialization

We also do loads of cuddling and snuggling!  This is the fun part and we get lots of volunteers.  Our goal is that our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies will be used to humans of all sizes (adults and children).  Playing with toys and treats is also a fun time for puppies.

Mom will also be teaching socialization skills to the puppies.  She will be letting the puppy know when playing with littermates has gotten too rough.  Interaction between siblings is a very important relationship that teaches puppy many things that will be valuable later in life as a dog.  How hard to bite when playing, dominate role of litter and who’s the pack leader.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Price

As each puppy is different and unique, so goes the breeders of this amazing breed.  Each breeder decides the value he/she has invested into the puppies and determines a fair Bernese Mountain dog puppy price.  We add value to your puppy in the form of potty training, microchipping, socializing, vaccinations, personality testing and weekly updates.  To some people, they’re willing to pay a premium for those items.  Most of us understand, that you usually get what you pay for.  If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Looking For Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies?bernese mountain dog

Are you ready to get a premium Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, ethically bred as well as the healthiest possible?  We typically have a couple litters per year and you can check to see if we have any available current litters.   Simply submit your Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Application.

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