Bernese Mountain Dog for Sale from Dexter & Sierra

 Bernese MountainDexter & Sierra Dog for Sale from Dexter & Sierra

Looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog for sale?  Dexter & Sierra puppies are here!   Sierra had a bouncing litter of sweet little babes and is caring for them in an motherly way. These little sweeties have amazing colors & markings which make them exceptionally beautiful!  They are all tri-color with the rust, black & white.  Sierra’s playful spirit makes her a tentative and caring mother.

It’s Hard to Believe These Gentle Giants Begin So Small

Dexter & Darcy Bernese Mountain Dog PuppiesI’ve always been told “great things come in small packages” and this is very true withBernese Mountain dog puppies for sale Bernese Mountain dogs.  All that caring, loyalty and unconditional love all bundled up within that tiny little puppy.  Complete trust that you’ll do everything in your power to take care of them every step of the way.

They Grow..and Grow…and Grow!

But…just like the great mustard tree, Berners grow and grow.  Our Bernese Mountain dogs will grow quickly and soon be that beautiful full grown Bernese Mountain Dog for sale that sits gracefully for a treat.  Puppies don’t stay tiny for long, but they sure are cuties! Their weight varies from 75-120 pounds.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Typical Coloring & Markings

bernese mountain dog for saleThe Bernese Mountain Dog for sale generally has the traditional black body, whitebernese mountain dog for sale markings on the face/chest/feet/tip of tail and rust on their eyebrows/cheeks, hind end and sometimes feet.  These markings can vary in width and amounts with each puppy.  As with people, puppies can all be so very different making them unique in their own way.  Dexter & Sierra are both Embark DNA tested, which also reveals coat genetics that each dog carries.

The Swiss Cross

bernese mountain dog for saleA purebred Bernese Mountain dog will have the Swiss Cross marking across their chest. This is a typical marking whichbernese mountain dog for sale signifies a true Berner and looks like an inverted cross. They usually always have a white tipped tail which looks like it was dipped in white paint.

Bernese Mountain Dog Personality

bernese mountain dog for saleIf you’ve never owned a Bernese Mountain Dog, you’re in for a treat!  These dogs display a goofy, carefree and fun personality that you’re bound to fall in love with.  They’re easy going and very laid back.  This is the breed that will be right beside you on the couch for a weekend movie binge.  Even though they’re loving and friendly with their humans, they tend to be shy and timid around strangers.

Puppy Socialization Needed

This is where Puppy Socialization is a vital importance during the early weeks of the puppy’s life.  Exposing them to a varied amound of sounds and people help alleviate the fear this dog is prone to.  We want confident and calm puppies who aren’t afraid of their shadow.

Why We Personality Test

We want you and your puppy to be a match made in heaven.  Personality testing is the best way to make that happen.Personality testing types Knowing how physically active you are, large yard for puppy to run, and gender are some traits that we ask about.  Obviously, if you desire a specific color, we can do our best to honor your request but honestly, their personality is the most important.  We feel it’s important not only to get the color of your choosing but to get an amazing puppy that fits your needs and wants.


Bernese mountain dog for saleEnergetic or Couch Potato?

It ruins the experience when you love the brown spots on your puppy but hate the fact he/she wants to play all day instead of the cuddle-bug you wanted.  Personality testing and matching you with the perfect puppy is our utmost priority.  You just have the most awesome experience if you love binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy all weekend and your puppy would rather run a marathon.

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Be Left Alone?

bernese mountain dog for saleThat’s a very good question.  Most Berners love being with family and thrive in an atmosphere with lots of activity and excitement. Being left home alone for 3-5 hours is the average length of time they do well without wagging through the family room with people around.


They Need Some Alone Timebernese mountain dog for sale

Although, this is great socialization for them, they also enjoy downtime alone.  But not for long periods of time.  If you must work a 9-5 job, it’s always good to have a trusted friend or family member to stop in and check on them during the day.  A treat and a little love mid-day will get them by until you’re home from work!

How Long Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Live?bernese mountain dog for sale

bernese mountain dog for saleBernese Mountain dogs are one of the shortest lived breeds.  Due to their sheer size, they are prone to some serious health issues that shortens their time here on earth.  Unfortunately, cancer is the number one killer of these majestical dogs.  The average lifespan of Berners is 7-10 years.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Difficult to Train?

Just like any other dog, it all begins with socialization!  We believe a well-rounded dog beginsbernese mountain dog for sale as a well-socialized puppy.  When puppies are only days old, we start with Early Neuroligical Stimulation (ENS) to begin getting them used to human contact and handling.  Puppies that are withdrawn, isolated or frightened are usually not exposed to numerous animals, people, sights, sounds and textures when they were young.

Stubborn Streak?

Berners tend to have a stubborn streak in them and as long as you remain the “leader of the pack” or “alpha”, you’ll do fine.  As soon as they realize you’ll give in….look out!  Next time you tell them to “sit”, I guarantee they’ll run instead!  A well socialized puppy is a world apart from a kennel puppy.  Easier to train and not near as stubborn.

Looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog for Sale?

mini bernese mountain dogHave you been on the fence about whether it’s a good time, good fit for the family or if finances permit a pet at this time?  If you’ve checked YES to all those questions and are ready to welcome into your home one of the most lovable breeds I’ve ever raised….let’s get you started! Our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy always get a new home very quickly so you may want to secure your puppy fast!




We Make It Easy Peasy!bernese mountain dog for sale

You can first fill out a Bernese Mountain Dog for sale Puppy Application or choose to Contact Us and we’ll get you on your way to a cuddly, sweet little friend.   If you’d like to read ahead and find out more about us and our process, go right ahead!   Googling “Bernese Mountain Dog for sale near me” will may overwhelm you.  Let us take the wheel and we’ll ensure you get your furry friend safe and sound.