Akita Puppy Passion/ KJ & Rico

 5 Years of Akita Puppy Passion!

Akita puppy passion is what we’re feeling these days!  That’s right.  We’re very passionate about taking care of our parents and puppies.  We take our puppies first week VERY seriously and are making sure all are nursing and thriving.  Our puppies are monitored closely in order to avoid any issues.  They’re cuddled, snuggled and given tons of TLC!  The Akita puppy is our “thing”.

KJ & Rico (Akita puppy parents)

I’d like you to meet our Akita puppy parents, KJ & Rico.

Once you own one, it’s like a Lays potato chip.  You can’t own just one!  Rico’s a lover, snuggler and “rough plays” with my husband.  He loves to run around the farm exploring every nook and cranny for something to jump and play with.  He chases leaves, butterflies or any unsuspecting bug that looks like some fun!


KJ…Sweet Mama

KJ is a little more fiesty.  She loves running on the farm and exploring.  She loves her hugs but is more concerned with being outside and “patrolling the perimeter”.  KJ and Rico have such a good time together.  We love to watch them wrestle and romp in the fields.  These two will make exceptional parents and beautiful babies.  Their temperments are calm and laid back, which is then passed on to the Akita puppies.

The Importance of Akita Breed DNA Testing

(And Why You Need to Know About It)

Being good Akita breeders, we like to know what we’re working with when it comes to a mating of our Akitas.  Before we even consider a breeding, we make sure each parent dog is DNA tested and cleared of certain Akita breed specific genetic markers.  We use Embark Genetic Testing to ensure our parent dogs don’t contain any markers that could potentionally produce a defect in a litter of Akita puppies.  Some of the Akita breed specific genetic markers we test for are progressive retinal atrophy (degeneration of the retina),  Lymphocytic Hypothyroidism (auto-immune related insufficient production of thyroid hormone) and Von Willebrand’s Disease (heredity bleeding disorder similar to hemophilia).   All our Akita parents are tested and cleared of these debilitating diseases.

A Proper Akita Puppy Beginning

Once our Akita puppy hearing develops, we familiarize them with everyday sounds such as phones ringing, door slamming, children being noisy and dogs barking.  This helps them to relate to the real world once they’re ready for their new homes.  It helps the adjustment go more smoothly.  We use ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) to enrich the first 2 weeks of growth and development.

At this age, our Akita puppy will be learning by scent, where mom is and her littermates.  They only thing the puppies are concerned with are nursing and mom.  We give our moms extra food and calcium to help with her recovery as well as her milk production.  Our focus is on both our newborn Akita puppy as well as our moms recovery process.

Mom &  Puppy Together

Akita puppyWe believe that mom and the Akita puppy for sale are to be kept together for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure proper bonding and skills taught by mom to thrive.  The length of time puppies stay with and nurse from mom has many opinions.  We’ve chosen to give our puppies a “super start” in life with maximum amounts of immunities that can only come from mom’s milk.

It’s Dinner Time!

Each Akita puppy for sale will be able to remain healthier, fighting off various puppy viruses and puppy colds the longer they remain nursing.  Of course, weaning begins at 4.5 weeks and ends at 6 weeks due to the uncomfortable or painful puppy teeth trying to nurse.  At 3 weeks we offer a “puppy mash” or gruel, that consists of soaked puppy food, milk replacer and yogurt.  After a week of this, they transfer onto plain soaked puppy food.

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words!

Everybody loves adorable, cute pics of puppy’s!  We’re no exception.  Our little ones usually seem to be quite the posers and we find that people love to see them grow.  Even if you aren’t looking for Akita puppy, you can’t help but smile when you see these cuties playing, sleeping and eating.  It seems there isn’t a time they aren’t being “cute”.  If you want to be sure you don’t miss out on any of our (amateur) photography, please follow us on our Facebook page.  We usually post tons of sweet, cuddly pics of them there.   These little fur-balls are some of my favorite puppies to raise on our farm.  They’re so fluffy and keep themselves meticulously clean.   I think Akita cleanliness is a big reason so many people love this breed.  This is the fun part of being ethical Akita puppy breeders.

Is the Akita a Good Family Dog?

Akita puppyThe Akita is one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, with its origin dating back to the 17th century. They are loyal companions and intelligent watchdogs. An Akita will be happy to play fetch with its owner or follow her around with a purposeful expression on its face. Some may think the Akita size or the Akita dog height may intimidate people and athus refrain from adding this canine into their home.  Not the case.  In fact, many people raise an Akita breed for this very reason. Home protection runs in the blood of the majestic Akita breed. This breed is well suited for family homes, but also makes a wonderful companion to children. They can adapt to any home situation and are excellent with little people.  Loyalty and protective of family is an Akita’s “job” and they don’t take it lightly.

Akita Size

Many large dog breeds take longer to reach their adult size than smaller dogs do.   The Akita breed will be near to their adult size around ten months to a year of age, but will continue gaining weight until they are about two years old.

The sheer size of this animal may scare some potential owners from bringing one home.  Fear not, these are some of the most loyal and lovable canine companions you’ll ever meet.  Adult Akitas range anywhere from 80-130 pounds of pure muscle.  Remember, these guys were trained to hunt bear and large game in Japan.  The Akita dog height is somewhere between 24-28 inches tall.  These dogs are suited for work, wrestling and playtime.  They aren’t easily going to fit into your lap but they’ll sure try.


Looking for an American Akita Puppy for Sale?

Akita puppyYou’ve come to the right place!  Above all, we specialize in breeding quality, healthy Akita puppies.  We usually have a couple litters per year and post it on our Facebook page.  However, they tend to go to new homes very quickly.  If you’d like to get on our waitlist for an Akita puppy of your very own, simply submit our Akita Puppy Application.  You can check out the Process we use and it covers all the questions you may have.  Occasionally, we have a few of beautiful white akita puppies.  These are very sought after and are on a wait list.  Check with us if you’ve been wanting one of these adorable littele snowballs!  After getting on our wait list, it’s the fun part of getting ready for your new family addition!




Breed: Akita
Father: Rico
Mother: KJ
DOB: 04/27/2024
Males: 5
Females: 4
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