Golden Retriever Puppies

Our Golden Retriever Puppies Have a Great Start

When raising the cutest Golden Retriever puppies, we actually want all our ducks in a row before considering a breeding between our parent dogs.   Our litters are carefully thought out and planned, making sure our parents are in good health and the timing is perfect.  Our parent dogs have undergone Embark Genetic Testing  to ensure they aren’t carriers of any known genetic diseases that affect specifically Golden Retrievers.  They also have been checked out by our local veterinarian to be sure all health markers are great.  A lot goes on “behind the scenes” before a bouncing bundle of puppies are born.  We pride ourselves on being the best Golden Retriever breeders we can be.

Puppy Socialization                                  Golden retriever socializing

We want our puppies to be the physically and mentally healthy.  The best way to achieve this is to start with early socialization.  When puppies aren’t socialized, they tend to be very withdrawn from humans, other animals and just about everything in general.  Or, it they can go the other direction….very aggressive.  Our puppies are held, cuddled and loved on from the day they’re born.  Human interaction isn’t a problem on our farm!

Family Gathering Teachable Moments

Socialization with their littermates is also very important.  They learn to play, snuggle for warmth and discover the world together.  This is when they learn how to be a “dog”.  Mom’s relationship is also instrumental during this time of development.  She teaches them how to play, eat and when biting is too rough.  Having mom in with the litter enables them to learn from the very best and the most natural setting we can provide.  Puppy Socialization is very important and will help eliminate future behavioral problems with your puppy later in life.

Personality Testing

Golden retriever Our Golden Retriever puppies are personality tested at six weeks of age.  At this time, they undergo a series of different tests to determine the best puppy for each family.  We don’t want a high energy, excited puppy to go to an older person wanting a calm, gentle companion.  We want you and your puppy to be a match made in heaven.  Once personality testing is done, each family will be notified in order to make their decision based on the personality test results.  This doesn’t mean you can’t “pick” out your puppy.  It simply means that we choose a couple puppies that best fits your type of personality from a questionnaire provided to us.  After that, you usually have a couple of puppies to choose from based on the results.

Why Are Golden Retriever Puppies So Popular?

Golden Retriever service dogAfter all,  just look at them!  How could you NOT want a Golden Retriever puppy?  So soft, fluffy and kissable.  Besides all that, they’re great at (you guessed it) RETRIEVING!  They were bred to retrieve water fowl for hunters and are still used today.  These pups aren’t there to just look adorable, they were bred with a specific purpose.  If you aren’t into hunting, they’re great at being service animals or therapy pets.  Golden Retrievers have a calm disposition thus making them wonderful candidates to be easily trained in this area.

In the US today, the Golden Retriever breed is one of the most popular dogs. You’re most likely to see a couple if you go for a walk around the block. They became especially popular back in the 1970s due to President Gerald R. Ford.  America fell in love with his dog Liberty, and the breed became well known after that.



We only raise quality, not quantity.  That being said, we add alot of value to our Golden Retriever puppies to ensure you get what you payGenetic Lifetime Guarantee for.  We not only spend considerable time caring for them but we invest much more that will pay off later.  We provide neuological stimulation which will help them to adjust to the real world.  We expose them to various sounds and noises to give them a well rounded experience before going to their forever homes.  All our Golden Retriever puppies for sale come with a LIFETIME GENETIC GUARANTEE against any breed specific diseases.  We stand behind our pooches.

What Comes With Your Puppy?

We want you to be as prepared as possible before you bring home your bundle of fur.  Each week we’ll be sending you emails full of helpful information, puppy milestones, and of course, adorable pictures of your little one.  Some things we also include are:

  • Microchipping
  • Health Certificate from our vet that states your puppy is in tip-top shape
  • Birth Certificate
  • Breed Specific Puppy Manual
  • Vaccination Card with all puppys shots & deworming
  • Pedigrees of both parents
  • Folder of Information including Puppy Contract, Registration Application & Puppy Info
  • Potty trained to our environment to make it an easy adjustment for you
  • Crate trained
  • Chew toy conditioned to chew toys vs furniture and shoes!

Golden Retriever Puppies Available?

We generally have a litter of Golden Retriever puppies twice a year. It seems that our waitlist fills up quickly, so don’t dilly-Golden Retriever puppydally for long!   Please submit a Golden Retriever Puppies Application to start the ball rolling!  We’ll contact you shortly with a current available litter or wait list.  While we do that, you can check out how the whole Process works.  We’re super excited to work with you and show off our Golden Retriever puppies this year!  Simply Contact Us if you’d like information on any of our Golden Retriever puppies for adoption.