Akita Pups from Rico/Fluffy

 Akita Pups From an Amazing Pair!

Akita pups from Rico and Fluffy are simply the chunkiest monkies you’ve ever seen!   Fluffy has a gentle spirit and loving disposition.  Rico is super smart and very athletic.  Between the two of them, we always have a quality litter that represents these awesome qualities. We’re beyond excited for each litter of puppies and are super thrilled to share the news when they arrive!

Akita Pups are Kind of Our “Thing”

Akita pupsOur very first dog we ever purchased was an Akita.  From the moment we set eyes on this breed, we fell deeply in love.  Their loyalty, gentle demeaner, amazing temperament and playfulness gave us a great respect for this breed.  We dived in with both feet and researched all we could about Akita’s and decided that this was definitely the breed for us.

Our very first litter was an exceptional one sporting black/whites as well as brindle colors.  To our amazement, the demand for Akita pups was extremely high and even now our waitlist continually grows.

 Picture Mania!

Who doesn’t love cute puppy pics?  Well, now you can get your fill by following our Facebook page.  Whenever we have new litters, puppies are playing outside, or just mostly ANYTIME….we take pictures of each puppy.  They’re super photogenic and always look cute.  Did you know that a picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth a million?  I know right?  Well, we do videos too.  Sometimes I wonder if people are going to get sick and tired of seeing puppies everywhere I post, but they just keep asking for more.  Not a problem, since our American Akita puppies are so stinking adorable.

Akita Size

Anyone who loves thise amazing dog breed, knows that the Akita size is a LARGE one.  This majestic dog is only slightly longer than he is tall.   He stands with sophistication, modeling a large and powerful muscular build.  The full, curled  trademark of this beautiful dog is the Akita tail and he carries it with pride.  The large head is held high with digity. The male stands between 26- 28 inches in heighth and weighs about 110 pounds.  The female stands between 24- 26 inches in heighth and weighs about 80 pounds.


Usually when we talk about the Akita temperament, most people are wondering about their aggressiveness.  Any dog provoked, can be aggressive.  Many breeds of dogs have got a bad rap because irresponsible breeders or owners that have trained their dog to be mean or vicious.  The key to avoiding an altercation with another animal and thus resulting in an injury is the proper Akita puppy training early on.  Akitas are strong willed and require training early while puppies.  This will help as well as proper socialization from puppy to adulthood.

Coat Types of the Akita Dog Breed

Sporting a thick double coat, which is designed to protect them from the weather. The undercoat is soft, thick and shorter than their outer coat. This characteristic, in combination with their straight, tough and stiff outer coat, permits them to be waterproof.

There are also the long haired Akita, or Woolie, which has considerable longer outer coat fur.  This type of coat isn’t recommended in the cold regions as ice sticks to the fur and may cause hypothermia in the dog.  The coat is perfect for cold climates to insulate the dog, but also keeps the ice and snow off as well.  This is the reason behind the stiff and rough coat instead of a silky, soft coat.

What’s Included With Your Puppy?

We certainly don’t hand you your puppy and send you on your way home!  We strive to prepare you for your little fur baby during the 8 weeks you’re waiting for him/her.  We send weekly pics & videos so you can see how he/she is developing and growing.  Along with that we send a Weekly Puppy Development email to let you know exactly the stages and milestones your puppy is achieving.  We understand this is an anxious time, waiting always is.  We try to keep you as involved as we can in the whole process.  Also included is:

  • Microchipped
  • Potty trained to our enviornment making the transition to your home super easy
  • Puppy Crate Trained
  • Chew toy acclimated
  • Personality tested so you and puppy are a match made in heavenGenetic Lifetime Guarantee
  • Standard first vaccinations and Vaccaination Record to take with you
  • Birth Certificate
  • Puppy Pak of goodies to get you started-puppy potty pads for the ride home (some puppies may have an accident or get carsick), puppy toys, puppy treats, sample bag of dog food, water bottle, poo bags and a stuffed animal with mama’s scent.
  • Health Certificate from our vet that your puppy is in tip-top shape
  • AKC Registration application and lots of information on puppies

Ready for an American Akita Puppy of Your Own?

akita puppies for sale

If you’ve been curious about this breed but never checked them out, I highly recommend doing some reading on our Akita Breed page.  If you’ve always wanted one of these loyal puppies, nows the time to hop on our waiting list!  They don’t last long since they’re so sought after.  Simply fill out our  Akita Puppy Application or Contact Us and we’ll get the whole Process started for you.