Our Story

Golden Retrievers for sale

Our dogs and puppies are lovingly raised on our farm in Missouri. We have chosen to pursue our dream of raising puppies to bring joy to other families. There’s nothing that can warm our hearts more than to see tears streaming down a new families face when presented their new fur-baby. Excited squeals from children as parents come for Adoption Day to bring their new addition home! We LOVE being able to provide healthy, ethically bred puppies for families that want a premium puppy. That’s our job and we have a passion for what we do! Many of our puppies have gone on to be therapy dogs, companion dogs and of course, family dogs. No matter what the reason for you getting the puppy, you’ll be getting the best money can buy when you purchase a puppy from us.

We have some very strict guidelines we follow in order to produce the very best puppy for you & your family.

  1. They are family reared so they will fit in beautifully with your family.
  2. They are never inbred, so are most unlikely to develop genetic illness.
  3. They are personality tested and matched to your family so yours will be a perfect match for you.
  4. Our puppies are socialized with all the other animals on the farm as well as our family cuddling, holding and loving on the pups. Our puppies are ready to love on humans and be your best companion from the day you bring them home.

You also get weekly photo or video updates of their progress.

In addition, we begin all Puppy Potty Training and they come with a Lifetime Money-Back Health Guarantee against serious genetic illness, dewclaws done and chew toy conditioned.  Puppy Crate Training and Puppy Socialization are also started to make the transition easier on all involved.