Poodle Temperament

What’s the Perfect Poodle Temperament?

Poodle temperament

When is the best time to decide on the type of Poodle temperament you want your puppy to have?  There’s many things that can determine the temperatment your new Poodle puppy may have when they get older.

We all want an obedient dog that comes when called, walks beside us on the sidewalk (instead of dragging us), and gives years of joy to their owners.

Puppies are just like children, in the fact that the key to a great relationship is trust.  The puppy must trust that you won’t hurt him/her and trust you will take care of him.  Trust plays a large role in the training process that will shape and mold the Poodle temperament and personality.

Put That Energy to Work

Poodles are very energetic and graceful athletes who stroll with a delicate, sophisticated walk.  They thrive with obedience competitions which require jumping skills and retrieving.  Poodles also shine in agility competitions, where they flutter through the obstacle course with a grace and power that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Poodle puppy

Poodle temperament

Poodles need a regular amount of daily exercise. Their energy level varies from moderate to high and they demand walks in the park, jogging, and swimming.  These activities will help use the stored energy and keep him more calm indoors.

A Miniature poodle is a smaller version of the Poodle, which means a lot of energy and a lot of fun. He can be energetic and friendly and is also known for being very smart.

One aspect of the Poodle temperament is that they also need a lot of human companionship. They suffer from loneliness and separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

Loyalty is a Poodle Temperament

If you’ve never owned a Poodle, you have no idea the level of loyalty these dogs have for their humans.  Whether it’s patiently waiting for you to get home for quality time together or staying by your side for days while you’re under the weather….loyalty is their motto.Poodle temperament

Poodles are known to be very loyal and usually bond quickly with their new family.

The breed almost seems to have an uncanny instinct as to the mood you’re in that day.  The Poodle picks up on that vibe and actually mimics it.

Bad day at work?  When you get home, your dog may reflect that mood right back at you with disobedience or rebellion.  They’re almost human in the fact that others mood swings will affect them as well.

Poodle Temperament in the Home

Poodles are also known to get along with other animals in the home, as long as they have been exposed to proper puppy socialization. Because Poodles are very sensitive to lots of noise, they also exhibit great watchdog skills which will alert their owners if there is a stranger nearby. Poodle temperaments vary and reflect the environment the dog lives in.

Standard Poodle LifespanMost Poodles are very sociable and flourish in large, energetic, households. They thrive on being the center of attention and demand your affection most of the day.

Being such friendly canine companions, Poodles are for people and families that can spend time with them daily.

Poodle temperament means they love being doted on, talked to or cuddled.  The demand for your affection is real and very much desired from this breed.

Looking for a Poodle of Your Own?Adult Poodles for sale

We usually have a litter of puppies each year of this amazing breed.

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