Puppy Potty Training

Puppy Potty Training EssentialsPuppy Potty Training

We understand the value of beginning puppy potty training at an early age. It is our desire that you and puppy have the very best start.   Getting puppy potty training started will make that much easier for all involved.

We have introduced your puppy to many kinds of substrates used in puppy potty training. Since we don’t know what you may use at your home, we tried to cover all bases.  Your puppy has been exposed to pine shavings, grass, newspaper and puppy pads. Depending on what type of “potty” area you’ll use for your puppy, they should be familiar with it!

Just like babies, puppies have no control of when or where they “potty”. Having a puppy urinate inside your house is not going to make you happy.  It also won’t do any good for your puppy when you get mad with him/her.

It’s important that you tackle this issue early on with your new pup and teach them some discipline. You may be surprised to hear this, but it’s true that a dog looks to you as a “pack leader”.  He learns right from wrong thus making your job of caring for them more pleasant.

It’s not difficult to correctly puppy potty train your little bundle, however keep in mind the process can take a couple months.

So how exactly do you start puppy potty training?

Restrict Puppy’s Freedom in the Home

You should restrict the area in which the puppy can move around. What this will do is limit the chance of the puppy going potty in a someplace they shouldn’t. Lay the potty paper in an area outside and then put a fence around so the puppy cannot roam elsewhere. It’s not supposed to be a jail so make it large enough so the puppy can run around and have fun. Of course, you can take the puppy inside at times.  You need to make it clear that the puppy potty training area is their home while training.

Wet the Puppy Potty Training Area

When setting up your potty area, you should place some of your pup’s urine on the paper.   Walk them to it so they can smell it and identify the scent.   This will give them the idea that the area is where they should be going potty.

One Potty, One Place

Many people who try to puppy potty train have problems and get frustrated.  Thus, they decide to set up multiple potty areas in hope that the puppy will use at least one of them. This is a bad idea as it will only confuse your puppy.  They won’t learn to use a potty effectively if there’s several to choose from.  You should only ever need one puppy potty training area.

It Takes Time for Puppy Potty Training

Younger pups need to go to potty every few hours.   Put a leash on them and take them to the potty area and give them 10 minutes to do their thing. If they don’t go, take the puppy back to its area and then try again in about 20 minutes. You shouldn’t play with the puppy until it uses the potty.   Once they do, you should reward them by playing with them, praising them or feeding them treats.

Reward Good Behavior

Whether you feed them or praise them, it’s essential that you reward your puppy for their good behavior. Rewarding a puppy will make them happier and teach them discipline. A happier dog in the long run will to listen to you.   A good idea is to reward them every time they use the potty!  After all, puppy potty training is hard work for puppies too!

Mistakes Will Happen

Please remember not to get angry with your puppy if they urinate in the wrong area. At a young age they lack many skills that older dogs have. The best thing to do if your puppy urinates in a wrong place, is to simply say “no”.   Then walk them to their potty area again.

By following the above advice, your puppy will be on their way to being puppy potty trained. You will also have a well-mannered and obedient dog because of it. However, make sure you give it time, it’s not something that most puppies can learn in a week or so.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to Contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

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