High Quality Mini Poodle Puppies

Mini Poodle Puppies for LAPS!
Mini Poodle Puppies

Originally Mini Poodle Puppies were raised as water retrieveal dogs for duck hunters.  They’re still trained for that but mostly used as companions.  People add pets to their families everyday for various reasons.  Lonliness, anxiety, teaching children responsiblity and just plain FUN!  The great thing about Mini Poodle puppies is that they fit in your lap.  You can literally take them most places and people hardly notice they’re with you.  Unlike some of the large breeds which take up more seating than you do, Mini Poodle puppies are compact and don’t need much room.


How Do You Get Mini Poodle Puppies?

Mini Poodle puppies are produced by two purebred Poodles that are bred.  There’s many variations that can take place in order to produce different sizes of Poodles.  After all, there’s quite a variety of sizes to choose from.  In order to get Mini Poodle puppies, we’ll need to start with a Standard Poodle female and a Toy Poodle male.  Our parents are both health tested and DNA tested with Embark to ensure we begin with healthy parents.  Once this is established, artificial insemination is used to impregnate the Standard Poodle female.  Approximately 63 days later….YAY….Mini Poodle Puppies!  Even smaller yet are the Toy Poodle puppies and Teacup Poodle puppies.


 We Stand Behind Our Mini Poodle Puppies

We only raise quality, not quantity.  That being said, we add alot of value to our puppies to ensure you get what you pay for.  We not only spend considerable time caring for them but we invest much more that will pay off later.  We provide neuological stimulation which will help them to adjust to the real world.  We expose them to various sounds and noises to give them a well rounded experience before going to their forever homes.  All our Mini Poodles and doodles come with a LIFETIME GENETIC GUARANTEE against any breed specific diseases.  Of course, like any breed, the Miniature Poodle problems aren’t uncommon.  That’s why we offer a Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee with every puppy!  We stand behind our pooches.


What’s Included with our Mini Poodle Puppies?

There’s many factors we take into consideration when determining a Miniature Poodle cost. First, we look at the demand of Miniature Poodle Puppies and go from there.  Next, we consider all the work and effort we put into these furbabies to make them an exceptional canine companion.  Here’s some of what’s included and taken into consideration when determining the Mini Poodle price.

  • Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee
  • Potty trained
  • Microchipped
  • Personality Tested at 6 weeks old
  • Chew toy conditioned
  • Breed Specific Puppy Manual
  • Both Parents are DNA tested with Embark and cleared
  • Standard Vaccinations at 6 & 8 weeks.  Deworming at 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks
  • Vet examined and Health Certificate issued
  • Crate Training Began
  • Weekly pics and video updates
  • Puppy Pak of goodies for trip home

Lap Instead of Leashwoman being pulled by dog

Our furry little friends are small and love to snuggle in your lap (all day if you let them!).  No more being dragged down the street to take the pooch potty.  These little love-bugs will prance with you, ever so gently, anywhere you go and certainly won’t have the weight to drag you anywhere.  So, say goodbye to the days of the dog “walking you,” and look forward to carrying your little sweet pea everywhere you go with ease.

We’ve Got Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale

At Awesome Paws of Missouri, we pride ourselves on going the “extra mile” when it comes to raising premium puppies. They’re all ethically bred and we breed only healthy parents that have undergone DNA testing.  You can simply fill out our Mini Poodle Puppies Application and we’ll get in touch with you.  You may also just message us and we’ll answer quickly.