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 Where Did the Golden Retriever for Sale Near Me Originate

History states that the Golden Retriever originated from the Scottish Highlands, where they were used primarily as hunting dogs. The Scottish estate owners needed a dog that could retrieve fowl either in water or on land.   This is because their hunting grounds had many ponds and marshes. As guns were improved, retrievers needed to be able to bring back Golden Retriever for salebirds from longer distances.

The history of the Golden Retriever began in the 1800s when Lord Tweedmouth produced it.   In the Scottish Highlands, Lord Tweedmouth crossed a Yellow Flat coated Retriever with the Tweed Water Spaniel.  However, the Tweed Water Spaniel is now extinct. It played a significant role in contributing to the Golden Retriever breed.

Golden Retriever Temperament            golden retriever puppies

Happy, easy to train and eager to please. When you search, “Golden Retriever for sale near me”, the Perfect Family Dog appears! Golden Retrievers love everyone, especially kids, and get along well with strangers and strange dogs. They get admiring looks-and usually pats on the head-from almost everyone they meet. The Golden Retriever is an energetic dog who will retrieve a ball until your arm falls off. The Golden Retrievers loyalty, intelligence and temperament made them famous in the service dog world. Their smiling faces and beautiful coats have brought more than a few to fame in Hollywood.  Some include a starring role in two “Homeward Bound” movies.

Golden Retrievers Personality

Golden Retriever temperamentThe Golden Retriever is a fun loving and playful dog that has won the heart of Americans.  The breed’s friendly attitude makes them great family pets.  Their intelligence makes them highly valuable working dogs.

It’s no surprise that the Golden Retriever is one of the top ten most popular dogs in America. It’s all good with the Golden Retriever: he’s super smart, sociable, beautiful, and loyal.

He’s also lively. However, he’s slow to mature and retains the silly, playful personality of a puppy until three to four years of age.   This can be both fun and annoying. Many keep their puppyish traits into old age.

What Were They Bred to Do?Golden Retriever puppy

Golden Retrievers are outstanding at retrieving game for hunters.  Other jobs include tracking, sniffing out contraband for law enforcement, and as therapy and service dogs. They’re also natural athletes and do well in dog sports such as agility and competitive obedience.

Originally they were bred for retrieving ducks and other fowl for hunters.  The Golden Retriever for sale needs physically demanding jobs of daily movement.  Examples are a walk or jog, playing in the yard, or a run at the beach or lake.  Golden Retrievers love water and playing fetch with a ball or frisbee. Like other intelligent breeds who were bred to work, they need to have a job to do.   Retrieving the paper, waking up family members, fetching a shoe or competing in dog sports. A tired Golden Retriever is a well-behaved Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers Coat

Full grown Golden RetrieverOne of the most alluring features is the Golden Retriever coat. It’s the feathering on the neck, legs, thighs, under the belly and tail.  The Golden Retriever for sale is almost always golden in color, but the gold shades vary from light cream to deep gold.   As they age, it’s not unusual for them to lighten in color, becoming almost white around the eyes and muzzle as well as the feet and underbelly.

That gorgeous golden coat is also known as a double coat, which consists of a water-repellent outer coat, and a soft undercoat that keeps their body temperature regulated in both cool and warm weather.


Golden Retriever GroomingLike other canines with a double coat, you can rest assure that your Golden Retriever will shed. To prevent heavy blowouts in the main shedding season-spring & fall, it’s important to brush a Golden Retriever weekly and daily during the warmest months. With good brushing, a Golden Retriever should only need occasional baths.


 You Might Ask, “Is There a Golden Retriever For Sale Near Me”?

Now that you’ve done your research and are set to find an amazing Golden Retriever puppy from a reputable breeder,Golden Retriever puppies what’s the next step?  We’ve tried to make it as smooth as possible for our clients.  First, simply fill out our Golden Retriever for Sale Near Me Puppy Application  to be sure one of our pups is the right fit for all involved.  Next, take a look at our tried and true Process of what’s all involved and when you can expect to pick up that little fur-baby!  We’ll be there with you every step of the way!

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