Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale

Sweet, Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale
miniature poodle puppies for sale

Our Miniature Poodle puppies for sale are simply the cutest little puppies you’ve ever seen.  I could just sit and watch them for hours.  Their little waves and locks of curls swirling all over their tiny bodies.  All puppies are adorable, but Poodle puppies have such a unique sweetness to them.  They’re raised on our farm with both parents involved in their upbringing.  They receive tons of cuddles, love and kisses everyday from the whole family.

It All Starts With the Parents

Our Miniature puppies are very thought out and planned litters.  In order to produce amazing, healthyMiniature poodle puppies for sale puppies, we must first begin with the parents.  We make sure they are checked out by our local vet to ensure they are both healthy.  Above all, our mama is thoroughly checked to make sure she will carry a healthy pregnancy.  We never inbreed our dogs to avoid any genetic diseases or health issues.  Being very careful never to breed with any of the same bloodlines alleviates this problem.

DNA Testing

In addition to all the above, we do genetic testing, using both parents DNA.  This is done using Embark DNA testing.  This will help us determine if our parent dogs carry any of the markers for genetic diseases that may pass on to the puppies.  Once all these boxes are checked, we feel it’s safe to allow a pregnancy.


Miniature Poodle vs Toy Poodle

Are you confused about all the sizes of Poodles?  The Miniature Poodle is a tad bigger than its smaller version, the Toy Poodle.  The color variations all remain the same and the coat texture.  A miniature Poodle is between 11-15 inches tall and weighs between 14-17 pounds.   Toy Poodles for sale are 9-11 inches tall and weighs between 7-10 pounds.  A Miniature Poodle is what most people call a Medium Poodle for sale, when it comes to size of dogs.

A Pampered Poodle

Once we have confirmed our Poodle mama is expecting, we take her prenatal care very seriously.  She’s givenStandard Poodle prenatal vitamins daily, higher protein food, extra supplements to promote healthy growth of the puppies and tons of love!  She’s literally pampered the duration of her pregnancy.  What mama shouldn’t be, right?


Standard Poodle puppies for sale

Our Miniature Poodle puppies are socialized each and every day.  Children cuddle and love on them and  adults care for their needs.   Littermates play and wrestle and mom watches and teaches how to sniff.  Being exposed to many animals on the farm gives them a large amount of socialization.  For instance, puppies with little or no socialization are those who tend to be very aggressive or protective as well as timid and shy.  It’s our goal to give you very socialized puppies so they can have a healthy relationship within a family.

Personality Testingstandard poodle puppies for sale

Our Miniature Poodle puppies are personality tested at six weeks of age.  At this time, they undergo a series of different tests to determine the best puppy for each family.  For instance, we don’t want a high energy, excited puppy to go to a person wanting a calm, gentle puppy to curl up with on the couch.  Above all, we want you and your puppy to be a match made in heaven.  Once personality testing is done, each family will be notified in order to make their decision based on the personality test results.

Ready for the Perfect Miniature Poodle Puppy?

If you want more information about our Miniature Poodle puppies for sale, please Contact Us. Standard Poodle puppies for saleIf you know a Miniature Poodle is for you, simply submit a Miniature Poodle Puppies for sale Puppy Application and we’ll get with you shortly.  Get ready for the puppy (and dog) of your life!