Where’s Do Labradoodles Come From?

Labradoodles for sale in Missouri are designer dogs.  This means they’re crossbreeds, sired by two purebred parents.  The poodle and Labrador retriever are the proud parents in this marriage.  They’re a fairly new breed of dog that’s gaining popularity.  They were created in the 1980s in Victoria, Australia by Wally Conran of Royal Guide Dogs.  Above all, he wanted a dog that was asthma-friendly with service dog capabilities.

Children, other dogs and even cats are all friends with Labradoodles.  However, they must be socialized early and trained well. When it comes to teaching them manners and tricks, they’re easy to train and love learning.  Energetic families treasure these dogs for their readiness towards sports and activities.   Anyone who desires low-shedding pups benefits from their wooly or fleecy fur.  Their adorable curly fur and expressive eyes make you want to cuddle them.  These little fur balls love nothing more than a good squeeze.

Labradoodles Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

The warm, loving Labradoodle personality makes them ideal for many types of special needs services.   Therapy dogs for people with autism and physical disabilities seem to be the most desired.  Depression, anxiety and detecting glucose levels in diabetics, are other ways this breed are helping people.   They are highly sensitive to humans needs and are often great service dogs.  Because of their abilities to be in tune with their environments and humans, they excel in this area.

Labradoodles also make excellent guide dogs for the blind.  They were bred mostly to be a hypoallergenic service dog in the beginning.   As a result, the Labradoodle went on to prove that they could also be a versatile family and therapy dog as well. Labradoodles have the smarts, temperaments, and the loyalty to become excellent service dogs.  Enjoying quick popularity, this “designer” hybrid has become well known quickly.

Labradoodles Are the Best of Both Breeds

Both Labrador Retrievers and Poodles are very intelligent dogs.  Labradoodles surpass in smarts, training, and a general craving to always please their owner. If you fancy a great family-friendly, child safe, medium energy dog, we have a winner.   Labradoodles love playing outside. For instance, they love playing in the water as well as in the fields.  They also adore being inside with the family too.  Following you around the house and napping at your feet is great ammusement for him. If you want all these traits, you should definitely consider a Labradoodle.

They can be calm and quiet while taking a nap.   But they’re also ready to jump up and play ball with only a moment’s notice. They’re not an ideal guard dog.  However, they will alert bark.   They’re more likely to lick an intruder to death.

Some Labradoodles are more like Poodles because they’re intelligent, reserved, and quiet.   But Poodles sport a fine, high-maintenance coat that needs to be groomed regularly, unlike the Labradoodle.  Poodles are outstanding watchdogs, and some Labradoodles are as well. Other Labradoodles for sale in Missouri are more like Labs: boisterous, slow to mature, and shed constantly.

Labradoodles for Sale Come in Various Sizes

Labradoodles for sale in Missouri aren’t purebred dogs. They’re known as crossbreeds or designer dogs.  Therefore, there’s more differences in their look and size.

With Labradoodles, it’s all about the parents.  The size of the parents used in the first generation of the breeding determines the size of the offspring. Typically, a Labrador Retriever and various size Poodles that are bred together decides how big the offspring will be.  Poodles come in three sizes:  Standard, Miniature and Toy.

A Standard Labradoodle for sale in Missouri can weigh up to 65 pounds.  A miniature Labradoodle between 15-25 pounds.  And a toy Labradoodle might range between 7-12 pounds.

Labradoodles for Sale Coats & Colors

Labradoodles for sale in Missouri come in a variety of colors.   Chocolate to caramel and red to black.  Therefore, the sky’s the limit.  You never know what you’re going to get!  For instance, with no breed standard, there is a wide variety of colors with names that remind us of ice cream flavors.  Caramel cream anyone?

Their coats can also greatly vary.   Some tossing wavy coats, and others sporting curly or straight hair.  You can find the three types of Labradoodle coats here.

Most Labradoodles exhibit poodle-inspired hair which is a coat that doesn’t really shed.  Because they shed less than most breeds, they’re easier on allergies.  In other words, easier on your vacuum cleaner!

The fur of a Labradoodle puppy is always a surprising texture.   Whatever your dog’s coat type, it’s guaranteed they’ll need lots of brushing and occasional trims to stay looking adorable.  In addition, check out our suggestions on brushing and grooming.

Brushing your Labradoodle can be a fun bonding experience.  This is quality time spent together that can be enjoyable for you both.

In conclusion, Labradoodles are some of the most devoted and loving dogs out there.  Any family will benefit from the affection and loyalty of this breed.