There are various kinds of Poodles – Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles, and Toy Poodles – each with exceptional characteristics. In this way, regardless of your inclination, there’s a Poodle puppy for everybody. What makes Poodle puppies more exceptional is their well-disposed nature. They love being around individuals and immediately become a piece of the family. 

The point when you have a Poodle puppy is an intriguing experience loaded with perkiness and warmth. These little pals will make your day and your home more joyful. Inviting a Poodle puppy into your house is a thrilling excursion. Poodle puppy preparation, intending to encourage. An agreeable connection between you and your freshest relative. If you’re searching for another shaggy companion, think about a Poodle. We will explain the training of a poodle puppy.

Key Takeaways

  • Poodle puppy training step-by-step: Training a puppy requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Here’s a step-by-step guide from the first week to months and years of training.
  • Create a designated sleeping area, and introduce the crate with positive reinforcement. Start basic commands like “sit” and “come” using treats.
  • Focus on potty training, leash training, socialization, and basic obedience. Reward your puppy for eliminating outside. Practice walking on a leash and expose them to various environments.
  • Introduce advanced commands like “leave it” and “drop it,” and get your puppy used to it all over. Leave them alone for short periods, using toys and treats for entertainment.
  • Maintain consistent training, advance socialization, and schedule regular health checkups. Introduce more advanced commands and continue grooming routines.
  • Focus on real-life training situations, regular exercise, and routine grooming. Reinforce positive behavior and address any behavioral issues.
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Poodle Puppy Training Step-by-Step Guide

Training a Poodle puppy requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Here’s a step-by-step guide from the first week to months and years of training.

Poodle Puppy Training in the First Week

Poodle Puppy Training in the First Week
In the first week of bringing your new poodle puppy home, creating a safe and welcoming environment for them is essential. Begin by puppy-proofing your home, removing any potential hazards that could harm or discomfort your furry friend. Create a designated sleeping area, like a cozy bed with blankets, to provide your puppy with a secure and comfortable resting space.

Introducing the crate is a significant step in helping your puppy feel secure. Make the crate inviting by placing soft bedding and a few toys inside. Introduce the crate, letting your puppy explore it at their own pace. Utilize uplifting feedback, like treats and acclaim, to connect the carton with positive encounters. As your puppy becomes more comfortable, increase their time in the crate, reinforcing the positive connection.

Basic commands are a fun way to build a strong bond with your puppy. Start with fundamental orders like “sit” and “come.” Treats are rewards to motivate your puppy and make the learning experience enjoyable. Keep training sessions short and engaging to ensure your puppy gets energized and energized. The first week is crucial for your puppy to adjust to their new home and build a foundation for good behavior. By creating a safe environment, introducing the crate, and incorporating basic commands, you’re setting the stage for a happy and well-trained companion. Enjoy these initial moments with your new furry friend!

Poodle Puppy Training in the First Month 

Poodle Puppy Training in the First Month 

During the first month, Several essential aspects of their training and development will help set the stage for a happy and well-behaved companion. Potty training is a top priority. Take your puppy outside, especially after meals and naps, to the designated potty area. 

Celebrate and reward your puppy when they drop outside, reinforcing that this is the right place to do their business. Leash training is another essential skill. Introduce the leash, allowing your puppy to become familiar with the sensation. Practice walking indoors with the leash on before heading outside. His preparation assists your Poodle with partnering the chain with positive encounters. Making walks a fun activity for you both.

Socialization is critical to building a cordial and balanced little guy. Expose your puppy to various people, environments, and other dogs. Engage positive participation and experiences during these encounters. Help your puppy feel comfortable and secure in different situations. Basic obedience training continues to be a focus during the first month. 

Build on the basic commands your puppy has learned, such as “sit” and “come.” Introduce new commands like “stay” and “down.” Consistent positive reinforcement, like treats and praise, reinforces good behavior and strengthens. The bond between you and your puppy. This first month is crucial for your puppy’s development by incorporating potty training, leash training, socialization, and basic obedience into your routine. You’re laying the foundation for a well-mannered and confident companion. Enjoy these early moments with your furry friend.

Poodle Puppy Training in the Three to Six Months 

Poodle Puppy Training in the Three to Six Months 

Your puppy will grow up between three and six months, and we will learn more things together! We want to keep our puppy happy and friendly, so let’s meet new friends and go to new places. Taking your puppy to classes is like attending school, where they can learn cool tricks and get used to different spots. Now, let’s learn some more tricks! Commands like “leave it” and “drop it” can be handy and are fun to learn.

We practice these tricks in different places so your puppy knows them everywhere we go. Getting used to touch is essential, too! Your puppy should feel okay when we touch their ears and paws. Grooming time is like a spa day for your puppy, so let’s introduce brushes and things. Treats and hugs are great rewards for being good during grooming! Being alone is something we need to practice, too. Start by leaving your poodle puppy alone, then make it longer. Toys and treats can keep them busy and happy when you’re not around.

Poodle Puppy Training in the Six to Twelve Months 

Poodle Puppy Training in the Six to Twelve Months 

Between six and twelve months, your poodle puppy is becoming a young dog, and this stage brings new opportunities for continued growth and well-being. Consistency remains key in training during this period. Stay aware of ordinary instructional meetings to build up the orders your canine has learned. Be adaptable in your approach, adjusting the training based on your dog’s individual needs and understanding that every dog is unique.

Advanced socialization is vital for a well-rounded adult dog. Keep exposing your dog to various situations, people, and other animals. Therefore, they foster confidence and flexibility. Watch for signs of fear or apprehension and address them with empowering criticism. Assuming your canine feels apprehensive in specific circumstances, use treats and acclaim to make good affiliations and construct their certainty. Regular health checkups are essential during this stage of your dog’s life. Schedule vet appointments to ensure your furry friend is healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations. Your veterinarian can guide your dog’s needs, including nutrition and prevention.

Dental well-being is frequently ignored yet critical for your puppy’s general prosperity. Lay out a dental consideration routine by cleaning your puppy’s teeth consistently. This care helps prevent dental issues and keeps your dog’s breath fresh. You can introduce dental chews or toys to complement their oral care routine. The six to twelve-month stage is a dynamic period in your dog’s life. By keeping up with reliable preparation, high-level socialization, ordinary well-being tests, and an emphasis on dental consideration, you’re effectively adding to your canine sidekick’s balanced turn of events and life span. Cherish these months of growth and continued bonding with your furry friend.

Poodle Puppy Training in the One-Year 

Poodle Puppy Training in the One-Year 

When your Poodle turns one year old, some essential things must be considered to ensure they stay happy and healthy. Let’s talk about training. Now that your Poodle is a bit older, practicing in real-life situations is good. You can keep their skills sharp by joining a class where they learn even more cool stuff. Exercise is also super important. Your Poodle needs to move around a lot to stay healthy in their body and mind. Play games with them and do activities that make them use their brain and body. Now, about looking good! Grooming is like getting your hair done at the salon. Your Poodle needs regular haircuts and dental care to keep them feeling and looking nice. Ensure grooming time is fun by giving them treats and telling them they’re doing great.

Remember how we used to say “good job” when your Poodle did something right? Well, keep doing that! Positive reinforcement, like treats and praise, makes your Poodle happy and helps them know what’s good. If they do something wrong, tell them so they understand. Your Poodle puppy is growing up at one year old, and you’re helping them become super awesome dogs. Keep practicing, playing, and caring for them, and you’ll have many more happy years together.

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FAQs for Poodle Puppy Training

Find a mini poodle for sale?

If you are looking for a mini poodle for your home, you can find it on Awesome Paws Of Missouri. Here are all types of pets and poodles. You can make them yours.  

How much is a poodle puppy worth?

How much a Poodle cost depends on its size, breeder, and lineage. On average, prices range from $1,000 to $3,000. Shelter adoption is more affordable, typically $50 to a few hundred dollars. Remember, ongoing costs for care, food, and grooming are essential considerations when bringing a Poodle into your family.

How long do Poodles live?

Poodles, known for their longevity, generally have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. With proper care, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and regular veterinary checkups, Poodles can live a long and happy life. Factors such as size and overall health may influence the specific lifespan of an individual Poodle.


In conclusion, having a Poodle puppy is a happy journey with lots of love and fun. Whether you like big, medium, or small Poodles, each is special. Training your puppy is excellent but needs patience. In the first week, make the home safe and teach basic commands with treats. After a month, potty train and go for walks. From three to six months, make new friends and practice tricks. Between six and twelve months. Your Poodle will grow in one year, and grooming and playing are essential. Cherish every moment with your furry friend.