Golden Retriever Puppies from Dusty & Cheddar

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Golden Retriever puppies for sale

Golden Retriever, by nature, is quite gentile and affectionate with a striking golden coat. It is a common pet and is frequently registered breed in several western countries. It can be used as a gun dog and be trained as a guide dog. We are so thrilled about Dusty and Cheddar’s premium litters that we’ve decided to keep those two together as mates.  They produce both cream and dark red Golden Retriever puppies for sale.  Cheddar is so sweet, gentle and loving while Dusty is playful, fun and free-spirited!

Start With the Best

Genetic Lifetime GuaranteeWhen we decide to allow the mating between two of our canines, a lot of factors are thought out beforehand.  Do they have great dispositions?  Are they aggressive?  Stubborn?  Easy going and a temperament we love?  Is their coloring and markings in line with AKC regulations if we want to show them?  We believe our Golden Retriever puppies for sale will have all these qualities and more!  We make sure our adult dogs don’t carry any of the genes that could contribute to the shortened and debilitating lifespan of serious genetic diseases.  In order to prevent spreading these genetic problems, we use Embark DNA testing to ensure our dogs don’t carry these genes.  In fact, we offer a LIFETIME GENETIC GUARANTEE with every dog we sell!  We don’t want you to have to worry about these things down the road.  Enjoying your puppy is all we want you to do.

Socializing Our Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

How do you socialize a tiny puppy that really isn’t aware of the world around him besides his/her mom and littermates?  ItGolden Retriever socialization takes a lot of hard work and imagination.  We want these little cuties to have the greatest chance in life to have an amazing family adopt them.  If they’re wild, unruly and hyper…they’re chances are quite slim to find a good home.  In order to raise exceptional Golden Retriever puppies for sale, we have to be creative and find ways to polish their social skills.  Going on walks in the neighborhood, visitors in the home, exposing them to other types of pets, (cats) and children that love all over them.  These are typical scenerios that can happen in life and we want them to be ready for a GREAT life!

Personality Types in Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever personalityWhat type of personality are you looking for in a puppy?  Active and playful?  Calm and cuddly?  We want you and your puppy to be a match made in heaven.  In order to accomplish this task, we have to figure out a couple of things.  First, we need to know what personality traits are you looking for in a puppy?  Next, at 6 weeks of age, we have the Golden Retriever puppies for sale undergo a series of “games”, to determine thier reaction.  Were they outgoing and fetch the ball?  Did they shy away from strangers?  Were they agressive with the food?  A lot of tests give us the results and then we share them with you to ensure each puppy goes to a home that embraces those personality characteristics.  This is why we know personality testing is vital to ensuring you get the perfect puppy!

Ready for a Puppy?

Are you ready to join millions of happy families who purchase a Golden Retriever each year? Our Golden Retriever puppy Golden Retriever puppies for sale will not disappoint the fussiest buyer!  Looking for Golden Retriever puppies for sale in California?  We can help you find transportation either by car or plane to get your fur baby to you!  We focus on loads of  TLC, chew toy conditioning, Puppy Crate TrainingPuppy Potty Training and much more to make it easier on you.  After all, a puppy’s supposed to be fun!  Simply submit your Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Application stating you’re interested in a Golden Retriever and we’ll contact you ASAP.  I’ll send you tons of information and how to get added to our growing waiting list.

Breed: Golden Retriever
Father: Dusty
Mother: Goldilocks
DOB: 06/28/2022
Males: 1
Females: 1
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